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Q&A: How is a Colonic different from an Enema?

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Bloating: help me!!

The number one reason clients come to me is they are suffering needlessly from bloat. When you are so full of gas, your stomach feels as hard as a rock, you need a colonic! As an expert in nutrition,

Free Nutritional Coaching

One thing I am sure of, you ARE what you eat. If you eat junk, sooner or later your body will show signs of struggle. I provide complementary coaching to teach you Nutrition basics - things your paren

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Dellen rEED
Dellen rEED
Jul 07, 2020

I was in serious shape when I began my treatments with Gwen. Id not had any bowel movements for more than 4 days . The Hydrotherapy she offered has helped my situation 100%. I have a ways to go but I've learned about my body and how to take care of it. She is understanding of how the body works and tells you the truth about taking care of yourself so you feel better each day. I've had 4 Hydrotherapy sessions thus far. Thank God she was there. She is kind and considerate and has compassion and only wants the best for all her patients. If you need these services Id go to Gwen she is the best

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