Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Gwen, In case no one ever told you, you are the most awesome spirit. Just true, genuine and damn kind.  I always have health of mind and wealth of positivity when in your presence. Thank you for sharing your positivity and power with the universe so it can be allotted to individuals like myself who come to you for healing.
— Nnadia



The series of 3 colonics that I just did with Gwen have given me more energy and focus. I am able to sleep better since my body is processing food at a higher level.  An unexpected outcome of the treatments was more conscious eating. I am more aware of what I am putting in my body and how it is affecting me, positive or negative.  I feel I have more control over what I eat than I did before.  Gwen has a wonderful way about her, putting me at ease right away.
— Scott


I have suffered from chronic abdominal issues and constipation for years, and finally (reluctantly) agreed to have a colonic when a good friend insisted (ie…bought 3 for me). Gwen made me feel instantly at ease and was actually fun to talk with (read: I forgot about what might otherwise be a rather uncomfortable first meeting)! She took my overall health very seriously, and asked questions about my diet and life to uncover areas that might be contributing to my problem. Because I had 3 sessions offered to me at a clinic with a number of specialists, I initially scheduled them without knowing who I would have. Of course all were good… but Gwen was undoubtedly the best. She knew how to get results from my rather “stubborn” system, and offered such great advice, and a few good laughs. I now only go to Gwen, and can honestly say she is one of my favorite people. She cares, and she loves to help her clients get WELL!!

— Dalene Alsager


Hello Gwen: this is Cedric one of your clients at the colonic office. I really enjoyed your juicing class at natural grocers. I really love your energy and passion for health and life. Your spirit is contagious and I just felt you should hear it from me. You have inspired me to eat better and take care of myself better. Looking forward to another colonic session. Take care peace and light.

— Cedric Dalton


I was sick as a dog from chemo treatments.  A friend recommended New Mexico Colonics (Gwen) to me and I made an appointment.  Everything about this place is a class act.  I received a confirmation email reminder the day before my session.  The clinic was spotless and I could feel the healing energy all around.  Gwen Goldsmith was grounded and calming – asking me lots of questions to make sure we were both on the same page.  She talked me through the entire session, explaining what she was going to do before she did it.  The procedure itself was gentle and relaxing and talking with Gwen was relaxing – she actually made it a fun and empowering experience.  I go for monthly maintenance and have been cancer-free for more than two years.  Colonics helped me get through the chemo much better than many I have spoken with.  I recommend New Mexico Colonics highly – five stars! 

— Anonymous


My eight-year-old son has suffered from constipation for many years.  We came to see Gwen right after leaving the UNM emergency room, after they did x-rays.  He had a completely blocked colon and all the medications they tried didn’t work. Within three visits to New Mexico Colonics, my son’s system was working right again.  Gwen also explained to my son, in a way that he could relate to, what a regular diet of chicken nuggets, breakfast cereals and chips did inside his body, and he has really listened, even making himself banana smoothies when he is in the mood for ice cream or other less-healthy snacks.  Thank you, Gwen, for changing the path my son will walk down.  

— Espanola Mom


New Mexico Colonics is everything I have been looking for:  It’s clean.  You have no idea how many places I have been to are not clean!  I can get an appointment quickly.  No more waiting lists for me.  It’s pleasant.  My therapist was interested, knowledgeable and willing to share what she knew with me during our session. The time passed quickly. I appreciate that. And the rate is fair.  I pay a lot for my doctors, and don’t have too much extra to spare so I appreciate keeping the fee low.  It costs about the same as a good massage does.

 — Anonymous


I was looking for someone to help with with lack of appetite and digestive issues following two surgeries from 2.5 years before. I found Gwen and she helped move things along for me. Guess what? Healthy, appropriate hunger triggers are returning now that my colon is clear! Gwen is a kind and caring professional who sincerely loves helping others to get their health back! Highly recommended!!

— Cate Clark

Clean,cute, and comfortable space. Gwen's professionalism and gentle manarism makes you feel completely at ease. Best series of colonic treatments I ever had. Highly recommend this hidden gem of a spot.

— L Tisdale

Gwen is compassionate, caring and very knowledgeable. She helped my son feel better and get his digestive system back in track. Thanks!

— Marie Graham

My only regret in finding Gwen at NM Colonics is that I didn't come to her first. Of all the Albuquerque hydrotherapists, she is not only the most skilled, and compassionate, but she is also one of the most professional practitioners I have ever met, anywhere.

NM Colonics office feels more like a spa than a clinic. Gwen has perfected every detail to make the experience beautiful, relaxing and pristine. There is a bathroom within the clinic space (no more racing to other rooms) and even a shower! The lighting is ideal, the air is fresh and the water temperature is PERFECT.

Immediately you can tell this woman has followed her passion. Her manner is gentle and patient. I appreciate how generous she is with her time. She explains everything before she begins and then again as she begins, step by step. She even gives you post-treatment suggestions and her nutritional knowledge is exceptional.

Gwen makes scheduling a breeze and immediately returns calls. As someone with years of colonics, across the US, I am truly impressed. Yes, colonics have changed my life...but Gwen has truly refined the entire experience.

Whether you are a colonic aficionado or a nervous newbie...Gwen is your girl and should be your FIRST call.

— gaia mylove

Thank you, Gwen, for bringing light and levity to a potentially uncomfortable situation. Your knowledge and expertise in health and well-being are comforting. I appreciate your genuine spirit! You’re honesty is refreshing. You’re doing an amazing job! Keep up the great work!

— Lisa Schiller

This gem of a therapist keeps the session relaxed and calming. You are offered several crystals to help encourage the natural process that is taking place. This detoxification and cleansing, eliminates build up in the digestive system. A number one for good health. Gwen's professionalism resonates from the moment you arrive, making this whole healthy process a pleasant experience - through and through.

— Stacey Lane

I thought I’d never get another colonic again, and Gwen told me to give her a try. I expected to feel sluggish but the day after I ran 7 miles and felt invigorated. Totally best colonic in town! Plus... Gwen’s gentle, professional and humorous manner put me deeply at ease!

— Stephanie

Best colonic of my life! I couldn’t believe I was getting a colonic and not a spa treatment. Gwen is a real healer, a nurturer, knowledgeable and generous with her information. No pain, spotlessly clean, fair pricing, good parking.

— Zenobia Conkerite 

Gwen makes the uncomfortable COMFORTABLE. She always puts me at ease in a situation which could make me feel awkward. It was recommended to me to get colonics for years but Gwen was the first person I ever felt I could trust. I feel lighter afterwards and I feel like I have a partner in my healthcare.

— Dawn Schary

Gwen is awesome! I cannot recommend her enough!

— Alan Parker

Gwen is amazing! I really had no idea what I was getting into, but had heard colonics can be helpful for folks with celiac (along with it's benefits for so many other conditions). Gwen is intuitive and straightforward, and her gratitude for her role in helping people heal is inspired. She explained everything and really supported me as I navigated this new situation. 
After my first appointment, I felt better than I had in a few months; I had been in a lot of pain from gut inflammation and other awful symptoms from cross contamination. 


This is definitely a major support for me and I'm grateful! Thanks Gwen!

— Ninex T.

Gwen is the best! 

Five years ago, I underwent two surgeries to cure excruciating pain in my colon - a direct effect from being too stressed. As a man, I've never enjoyed any sort of anal play, but after my system was overcome with toxicity, I desperately needed to cleanse through colonics. 

I have explored other colonic administrators. One was so scary, she was not sensitive to the fact that insertion can be more difficult for me than most. So I do have perspective.

With Gwen, she is always compassionate, patient, and kind. The energy felt around her somehow puts me at ease, greatly helping with my discomforts and fears. But most astounding... because I'm so comfortable with Gwen I release far more!

— Sean R.